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Downtown Anacortes Alliance

The mission of the Downtown Anacortes Alliance is to cultivate a vibrant, thriving downtown district. We believe that, as the heart of our community, downtown should be a place to gather with friends, family, and colleagues. We know that a successful downtown is a powerful socio-economic engine worthy of support, as is the historic character of downtown. Anacortes is fortunate to have so many people and groups focused on keeping our town an amazing place to live, work, play, and learn. Some of these engaged community members lead and volunteer for our organization.

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Design Projects

Some of our work involves taking on projects to enhance the beauty and charm of downtown. We are working with the City of Anacortes to refresh and strengthen our town’s welcome sign, for example. We also work on new ideas to increase the appeal of the Commercial Avenue corridor, such as establishing pocket parks.

Community Events

The Downtown Anacortes Alliance teams with businesses and other non-profits to create events that build community and help support merchant success. Whale of a Sale, held each June, is a downtown-wide sidewalk sale complete with music, activities for kids, and loads of fun. Everyone has a good time on Whale of a Sale Saturday.

We also seize opportunities to bring people together to celebrate the past. A recent special showing of The Boys in the Boat—complete with speakers, display panels, memorabilia, and a party—gave people the chance to learn more about our town’s own “boy in the boat” and feel a sense of shared history. People were talking about the evening months afterward.

To find out about volunteering and other ways to help out, just visit our website.