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Luminary Light Parade

Photos this page by PaperBird Studios

"A Luminary is one who inspires others, an inspiration to others through their creations."

The Luminary Light Parade provides the finishing touch for Anacortes Earth Day. As night falls around 8:00, colorful handmade sculptures parade through town, shining light on endangered animals, flora, and other elements of our surroundings. The parade travels in snake fashion on Commercial Avenue, enabling all the participants carrying the luminaries to see and appreciate each other.

The Inspiration

Loalynda Bird, the local artist behind the sculptures, has led luminary light parades for years in Seattle, Mount Vernon, and on Guemes Island. She believes that creating art is one of the best ways to bring joy, inspiration, and further appreciation for our environment to people of all ages. She says, “Something magical happens when your creation lights the way in the darkness and makes faces light up.” The wildlife sculptures she and her students build represent animals on the endangered species list and other critical components of our ecosystem.

Loalynda and her team of artists are bringing the Luminary Light Parade to Anacortes so even more people can enjoy the sculptures and have the opportunity to reflect on their place on our planet.

The Artwork

Each luminary lantern or sculpture Loalynda and her students create is one-of-a-kind. They are built with reeds and paper and require a few hours to a few days to make depending on size and complexity. The luminaries are lit from within, making each sculpture come alive with bright colors and nuanced shading.


You can make your own luminary and be in the parade!   Find out how here.