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Leadership & Partners

The people and the organizations making it all happen


Street Fair Partners


The Anacortes Earth Day team is delighted to have so many groups joining in the Street Fair from 4:00 – 8:00PM. Residents of Fidalgo Island appreciate the notion that humans are just one part of the web of life, and we treasure the flora and fauna of our surroundings. Come visit these organizations and learn more!

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Organizations you’ll see at the Street Fair include:

Anacortes Co-op

Anacortes Music Project

The Anacortes Waterfront Alliance

Citizens’ Climate Education

Evergreen Islands

Friends of the Forest     

Rhythm Studio Street Dance


Puget Sound Energy


The Salish Sea School

Skagit Transit

Transition Fidalgo

Washington Native Plant Society

Leadership page [for the POTS section]

In Anacortes, the Procession of the Species came to life in 2022. As an affiliate of the Anacortes Arts Foundation, the organization operates with 501(C)3 status, meaning donations are tax-deductible.


The Procession of the Species board of directors is Andy Stewart, Beck Pittman, Laurie Sherman, Ora Peterson, Sally Peyou, and Zachary Wight. They represent a cross section of the community and bring a variety of skills and experiences to their roles. Together, these board members have built a multi-year plan to create a vibrant annual event.

The Artists

Local artists Sue Roberts, Shannon Pickens, Nancy Wright ,and others lead workshops and help community members of all ages create costumes and artwork for the Procession of the Species. Materials include paper machè, fabric, wire, cardboard, paint, glue, and more. Finished pieces can represent plants, animals, or other ecosystem elements.

Learn how you can make artwork and participate in the Procession.